Our Services

IES provides state-of-the-art, cutting edge, technology driven and unsurpassed services to its customers. At IES, quality is the main concern at all the levels of service provisioning. For us, not the client size but the client matters the most. We have expert human resource, finest tools, expertise and financial outlook to support our activities in the field of telecom service industry. Our continuous research enables us to foresee the future and help us achieve the best proposition for your business

Generator Maintenance

Generators are vastly used as backup source of power. Industries, banks, hospitals and telecommunication companies mainly depend on Generators for backup source of power. A well-planned maintenance program is essential to the operation of any power generation system.

We provide Generator Maintenance Services for a comprehensive range of Diesel Generators. We are already maintaining hundreds of sites of telecommunication companies, banks, hospitals and other industries. As part of our proactive approach to ensuring system reliability and risk reduction, our generator maintenance plans provide our customers peace of mind. Our maintenance plan includes

  • General Inspection
  • Lubrication Service
  • Cooling System Service
  • Fuel System Service
  • Control Panel & Instrument Checks
  • Electrical System Checks
  • Exhaust System Checks
  • Alternator Checks
  • General Maintenance
  • Dedicated Hotline

Refueling Services

As mentioned above, Generators are vastly used as backup source of power during power failure and outages. Just having a backup generator does not ensure power supply during emergencies unless you have a reliable and steady fuel supply for your generator.

We are providing Refueling Services since 2009. Growing number of our customers is a direct sign of our experience in this field. Major features of our services are

  • We select fuel pumps which cover maximum area efficiently.
  • Fuel fleet cards are only handed over to area incharge to control filling at the pump.
  • Any issues regarding over consumption or theft are reported on daily basis to the concerned.
  • Current and last filling quantities are properly recorded.
  • Thumb impressions of guards and refueling supervisors are taken after refueling.
  • Genset and wapda meter reading is recorded on each site visit.
  • Company Bike squad checks our refueling team on weekly basis.
  • All Vehicle stay on pump after complete daily work of diesel.

AC Maintenance

In Telecommunication companies, hospitals and industries Air Conditioners play a critical role. Thats why proper and regular preventive maintenance is essential. Keeping in view the requirements of such critical facilities, we have set up highly skilled team equipped with latest tools.

Our preventive maintenance plan not only ensures smooth operation but also increases the life of air conditioners. The plan includes the following.

  • Cleaning and dust removal from covers and interior parts.
  • Cleaning of the filters.
  • Cleaning of condenser, cooling coil fins and fans.
  • Lubrication of motor and fan bearings
  • Checking refrigerant leaks.
  • Checking temperature differential and controls.